Transition from Year 6

This page is for current Year 6 students and their parents/carers.

Welcome from the Headteacher                                                         

Welcome to the family of Bristol Free School.

Today is the start of what we aim to be a very happy, enriching and successful journey for your child. We value the trust you have placed in us and look forward to working closely with you in the upcoming years.  We will work tirelessly to ensure your child receives an education which is challenging, supportive and fun; and which leads to a life of opportunity, success and happiness. We place strong emphasis on the involvement of parents and carers in the education we offer and school life as a whole. We firmly believe that the partnership and cooperation between school and home is key to academic success and the development of wellrounded young people. Parent involvement begins today and continues through regular contact at subject evenings and events, the school newsletter and the school website.

This is a rich, vibrant and caring school. We want your child to take advantage of the amazing opportunities on offer here. As Headteacher of Bristol Free School, I am very much looking forward to meeting and working with you to ensure your child flourishes with us -  Mrs King, Headteacher 

Virtual Tour of BFS 

Welcome to BFS - Virtual Tour. Click here to view. 

Meet our Transition Team 

Mrs Jenkins, Assistant Headteacher  - Watch my welcome video here.

Ms Townsend, Mental Health and Safeguarding Manager - Watch an animation on the transition to secondary school here. 

 Mrs Parry, SENCO 


TransItion Events 2022 

Meet your Tutor - 29 June 
SEND Induction Day - 29 June 
Y7 Induction Day - 7 July 


Year 7 to Y6 Letters 

Our fantastic current Year 7s have written to you all to tell you about their transition and what they think of BFS! Please click here to read them. 

Year 7 to Y6 Welcome Videos 

They have also created some videos - click on the pictures below. 






Advice for Parents/Carers 

Welcome Booklet 

Please read our Welcome Booklet here.

Top Tips for Parents during Transition  

Top tips from our Transition team! Have a read here. 

Communication with School

Email is our main method of communication with parents. You will need an email address that you can access regularly to pick up key information.

This includes letters, newsletters, information on trips, parents evenings/reports and other events. Please ensure the school always has your current email address to ensure you receive all communications.

If at a particular time you are unable to access email, we can create a paper copy of letters available at Student Reception for your child to collect and bring home to you, until you can access your emails again.

Who is my first point of contact?

For general questions - phone our Reception on 0117 959 7200 or email

For absences, please contact our Absence team


At Bristol Free School we consider student happiness, progress and achievement to be very important; good attendance is an excellent indicator of how well your child is coping with school-life. We would, therefore, appreciate your help in ensuring that your child attends school every day unless they are unwell.

Good attendance is important for a child to develop their social skills, by making positive bonds with their peers and their teachers. It ensures that their academic progress is not disrupted, thus maximising their future potential.

We monitor attendance and punctuality very closely and review attendance levels with your child during tutor time. High attendance and improvements in attendance levels are celebrated and rewarded as a tutor group. We work in partnership with families to support attendance and punctuality concerns before they can become an established habit and impact on education.

Unbroken attendance at Bristol Free School is important for learning. However, there will be times when absence is unavoidable and acceptable. We have a dedicated Attendance Officer who can support you with any issues, questions or difficulties you may have regarding attendance and punctuality.

Please use the attendance email address and we will direct your message to the correct member of staff.


At Bristol Free School the principle of a uniform is to:

  • mark the formality of being educated at Bristol Free School.
  • reinforce a sense of shared membership and pride in our School felt by all members of the community.

There is an expectation that the Bristol Free School uniform will be worn with pride by all students, to and from School, as well as at any time when uniform is required, such as on school trips.  The standards are enforced rigorously by staff and we expect them to be supported in a like manner by parents and carers.

Please read our uniform presentation here

Transition Support for Students with ASD

Bristol City Council have produced transition support materials for students with Autism, and students who have ASD. This pack was produced by SENDCos and parents across the city. As the Bristol Autism Spectrum Service team are unable to do face-to-face contact and support, all planning meetings will be held virtually. The information is given in their pack, which you can find here.

Frequently Asked Questions 
What if...
  My child is too unwell to come to school?   
  Please notify the school before 8:30am on every day that your child is absent, using the student absence line. Catch up on all work missed, and make sure your child finds out about homework and completes this on time.  
  My child arrives late for school   
  Please make sure your child signs in at student services and then goes straight to their lesson.   
  My child has a dental/medical appointment  
  Always try and make routine dental/medical appointments after school or in the holidays. If you can't, make sure they are in the afternoon. Please make sure you write it in your child's planner.  
  My child has lost something   
  Lost property is kept at student services and can be checked at break time. Remember to mark all your child's property with their name.  
  My child doesn't understand the homework  
  Your child should see their subject teacher or another person in their class. You can email them if you are struggling.   
  My child gets something confiscated  
  Your child should ask their teacher who confiscated the item where it can be collected and what the conditions are. Confiscated phones are to be picked up from student services; other items from the teacher who confiscated the item.  
  My child is really unhappy   
  Ms Townsend, Mental Health and Safeguarding Manager, Is here to help.  Please email for support and guidance.  
  My child has forgotten their packed lunch, or they haven't got lunch money on Parent Pay  
  Always make sure your child has some money on their account in case they forget lunch. Encourage your child to speak to their tutor as soon as possible; we don't want your child going without lunch.