Why Choose BFS

happy students

Mrs Susan King

Welcome to Bristol Free School and thank you for your interest.

Bristol Free School is a high performing, 11-18 co-educational school serving the community of North West Bristol.

What makes Bristol Free School stand out from other schools is our commitment to the young people in our care, a commitment that encourages and inspires every child to fulfil their potential and flourish. We encourage our students to love learning, participate fully in the life of our school and embrace the many opportunities that are on offer.

All schools need to ensure that their young people are provided with a vibrant and stimulating curriculum that meets the needs of an ever-changing world. We are committed to providing our students with the necessary skills to achieve academic and personal growth so that they may truly thrive, both socially and emotionally. Our inclusive ethos ensures this.

We provide our students with a moral compass based on British Values and what it is to be an active and tolerant citizen. It is essential that our students are encouraged to have enquiring minds, ask questions and form their own opinions.

The pastoral care at Bristol Free School ensures that our students grow into well-rounded, reflective, caring and thoughtful young people ready to take their place in society.

Bristol Free School is a happy and vibrant school that serves its community. Our academic ambitions foster a culture of enquiry and creativity. We value curiosity and thoughtfulness and are ambitious for our students to achieve success, whatever their aspirations.

Our prospectus and website can only convey a small insight into our wonderful school. I would encourage you to visit Bristol Free School and find out more about what makes BFS such a special place to learn and grow.

I look forward to welcoming you personally.