Sixth Form Extra Curricular

Mrs Susan King with students

Extra-Curricular Activities

As part of our value of opportunity and our commitment to develop the whole person, we place significant emphasis on our enrichment programme. Students are able to engage in over 30 different enrichment programmes and some of these are exclusively open to students in the Sixth Form whilst others provide students with opportunities to 'give back' to the wider community or to develop their burgeoning leadership skills.

We work closely with a number of external organisations in order to ensure that we can offer a strong programme. For example, in partnership with the University of Bristol, we are able to offer Access to Bristol, Bristol Scholars, Writing the Wrongs and the STEM Up Programme. We work also work with the Duke of Edinburgh, The Model United Nations, TMUA Maths, Nuffield Research Placements, the University of Bath and the University of Cambridge.

One of the areas of our enrichment programme which we are most proud to champion is our volunteering and mentoring groups. For instance, many of our Sixth Form students choose to peer-mentor younger students and receive training through the Anna Freud National Centre. Others mentor students in subjects such as Maths, reading, DT workshop time, Food Technology, Science, Computer Science, French and Spanish.

Some of our enrichment programmes are specifically designed to support students to gain the work and extra-curricular experience needed to secure places at university or in apprenticeships. For example, the HE+ Programme, the Medicine Club and the Aim High Programme help students secure access to Oxbridge, to Russell Group universities and to competitive university courses. Further, the Apprenticeship Application Group, the STEM Up Programme and the Unlock the Arts Academy help students to gain the relevant experience for a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities.

Other Enrichment programmes are designed to give students a chance to develop in their areas of interest and to give them a taste of the society groups that will be available to them at university. Within this theme, we offer groups such as the Chess Club, the Folk Band, the Jazz Band, the Whole-school Choir, the Chamber Choir, Extra-Curricular Sports Leadership, the Crochet Club, The Fashion Show, The Creative Show, Language Ambassadors, Pride Group, the Humanities Magazine, the Chemistry Olympiad, the Digital Ambassadors, the Programming Club, the Languages Showcase and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Students who wish to join an enrichment programme can email