Homework & Extended Learning

Mrs Susan King with students

Homework at Bristol Free School

Homework is an integral part of all students’ learning. It is work undertaken independently by a student and it may include research, learning from a text, a written task, drawings, reading and much more besides. The aim of students completing homework is to progress their learning, enrich their classroom experience, encourage independent study and facilitate a love of learning. We also want students to extend their knowledge and understanding of a subject. Staff at Bristol Free School set homework and we expect students to complete the work. We provide a homework club for students at the end of the school day and it is, as ever, very popular. However, we want to ensure that our homework provision is high quality and crucially, parents are not only aware of when homework is being set, but what is being set. Indeed, as homework is designed to be carried out by students independently, we don’t want to limit the amount or scope of what students can do. Parents and carers can and do play a crucial role in the monitoring of homework and providing encouragement for the students to complete such work. However, we would like to make the whole process easier for parents and carers to access, more transparent and deliver more high quality challenges to the students.


ClassCharts is the schools online system for setting homework. The system allows teachers to provide detailed and specific instructions about how homework is to be completed, to include a range of resources to support the tasks, as well as allowing staff to differentiate homework according to the needs of the student.

All homework set by teachers at BFS will be available for all to see including who has set the homework, which year group and class has to complete it, when it was set and when it is due in. This is all in the public domain but parents and students are able to login to the system and access a personal homework area. Students simply use their school network user name and password to access their personal homework area, here students see homework which is specific to them with parents able to see the same information as their children. Alerts can be set up for when homework is due and reports are available to see how much homework is set by teachers and what has and hasn’t been completed by the students.

Students are issued a new planner in September as a useful organisational tool. Nonetheless, students not required to record their homework in their planner although some may still choose to do so. Any students who are unable to access the internet outside of school to view ClassCharts will have plenty of opportunities to check their homework on line in school by making use of our after school study club. 

A useful resource for homework:

login with bfs followed by first name then last name, no spaces. E.G. "bfsjoebloggs"