Pastoral & House System

Mrs Susan King with students

Pastoral & House System

We value building great relationships. Our Tutors are the first port of call if students or parents have any queries or need support. Year Leaders, supported by senior member of staff, are also on hand to give advice –there is always someone to help.

At BFS all students and staff are a member of one of our four houses. Our house system creates smaller schools within one big school. A smaller community of students and staff who have a sense of belonging, shared identity and healthy competition. The house system provides a focal point for awards, events and mixes all ages ranges to enable older students to mentor and younger studentsOutcomes:

  • A stronger school community that all students, staff, parents and governors feel they actively belong to.
  • Working with students from all years, role models are created along with strong cross-year partnerships.
  • Students are recognised and rewarded for performance in and beyond the classroom.
  • Rewards given for exceptional community work and charity efforts.
  • Regular opportunities to stretch and explore leadership, social and group working skills with students from different years.


  • It helps foster a sense of community, team spirit and pride.
  • It encourages inter-year group friendships.
  • Students have an opportunity to be mentored and to mentor others, have leadership responsibilities and be a role model for others.
  • It allows as much personal achievement as possible to be recognised.
  • There is a stronger student voice in decision-making across the school.
  • It gives everyone a long-term focus.
  • It can promote a healthy sense of competition where students learn through experience how to best respond to success and failure.

The pastoral care at Bristol Free School ensures that our students grow into well-rounded, reflective, caring and thoughtful young people ready to take their place in society.