Mrs Susan King with students

Welcome to The LRC

The library is very much at the heart of the school. It’s vibrant and dynamic with a steady stream of students visiting throughout the day.

The primary role of the library is to support independent learning. It is a place for students to read, study and collaborate on homework. We also welcome students wanting to engage in more peaceful activities away from the hustle and bustle of break and lunch times. The library is zoned to accommodate these different activities. 

We have a wide range of resources on offer to challenge, inspire and focus our students’ learning. There are PCs available for study and research which are bookable a day in advance. The display areas showcase topical themes and books throughout the year as well as providing a platform for student driven projects and initiatives. 

Accelerated Reader programme

At BFS, all Year 7 and 8 students take part in the Accelerated Reader programme, which is designed to do the following things:

  • Build up students’ reading skills
  • Motivate them to read
  • Create confident and independent readers

Students take a ‘STAR Test’ three times a year after which they will be given a Book Level. They should use this Book Level as a guide when choosing their reading books. Once they have finished their reading book, they can do a quiz on it here.

All books on the scheme in the LRC are labelled but if they want to check books from home, they can do so here.