Textiles (DT) — Year 9


Textiles (DT) Overview

: Textiles

Students will be introduced to further key skills building on knowledge from Year 7 and 8 while looking at key elements of the GCSE NEA format. Broken into two projects Year 9 will be taught more complex construction skills, making garments for themselves or a peer, in the form of pyjama shorts and a zip hoodie. In depth knowledge of materials will be gained, while looking into smart and modern fabrics. Students will learn how to create/ adapt patterns to suit a set of measurements that they have taken, while also learning about the environmental impacts of the textile industry and how to minimise this.

Pupils will be assessed on their finished products with accompanying written work. A question based assessment will also take place after the first project has been completed.

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  • Moral
  • Social
  • Cultural
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