Textiles (DT) — Year 7


Textiles (DT) Overview

: Textiles

In year 7 students will spend 13 weeks within textiles. They will produce a product reflecting the work of Claus Oldenburg, acquiring the knowledge of artists and how to use this to inform design decisions.

Students will be introduced to hand and machine sewing, and with the confidence built in this area, they will use the techniques to create a final product; a cushion inspired by their favourite food wrapper. Through the module students will gain knowledge of materials, and their properties, textile equipment and its uses, as well as how to build a workable design specification. On completing their cushion, pupils will develop their graphial knowledge to design and make packaging, suitable for a retail environment.

Students will be assessed through a short question-based assessment half way through the module, followed by final assessment of the product and written evaluation at the end of the 13 weeks.

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