Food & Nutrition — Year 7


Food & Nutrition Overview

Rotation in DT: Food and Nutrition

In this 13 week rotation with Design Technology, students will have an introduction to food and nutrition including healthy living and being learning about the science behind nutrition focusing on how producers can extend the life of our foods without impacting quality. Food and Nutrition has a Students would take part in a wide range of practicals such as enzymic browning through fruit salads, healthy pasta salads, how to manipulate ingredients for different purposes. They will produce a range of breads including rolls and Chelsea buns as well as using pastry in different recipes including jam tarts and cheese and onion triangles. Students will have demonstrations of each practical and develop their theoretical knowledge behind it.

We start the food module with a multiple choice base line test to gauge previous knowledge. This will then be repeated at the end to show clear progression and improvement.

The mid point assessment will include a practical, technical challenge based on skills developed and students will create a tear and share bread following a recipe but with no demonstration. This is accompanied by a detailed written evaluation. Theory knowledge is then tested in a mid point graded written assessment done in exam conditions.

The end of unit assessment will be a practical "Showstopper Challenge" where students will design and make either a bread or pastry product of. This will be accompanied by a written evaluation where they use their theoretical knowledge of the Eat well guide to explain how this dish would fit into a healthy balanced diet.

  • Spiritual
  • Moral
  • Social
  • Cultural
Develop the individual:

Key life skills are learnt and built upon. This includes the use of appropriate equipment safely and the selection of ingredients for health conscious dishes.

Create a supportive community:

Students work in kitchen teams to support each other and take responsibility for the cleaning and maintenance of their own areas.