Young Carers


Young Carers at BFS

Young carers are a particularly vulnerable group of pupils, specifically mentioned in Ofsted’s evaluation inspection schedule.  Often, these children are caring for relatives without their teachers’ knowledge, yet if unidentified and unsupported, their caring roles can seriously affect their future wellbeing, life chances and levels of aspiration." (Young Carers in Education, Carers Trust)

Bristol Free School is an affiliated member of the Carers Support Centre and we work in partnership to establish support for students who are young and carrying out caring responsibilities.

We are able to offer flexible arrangements for our Young Carers depending on their circumstances, including;

  1. Access to a telephone during break and lunch time to phone home if necessary.
  2. Negotiable deadlines for homework/coursework if required.
  3. Provision of a Time-Out Card if necessary.
  4. Parents evening consultations via phone or Teams.
  5. Access to a weekly Young Carers group to meet other Young Carers.
  6. Opportunities to complete homework at lunchtimes or after-school with a member of staff.
  7. Opportunities to complete detentions at lunch time.

If you are a Young Carer or think you might be please email us at ‘’.

If you have any queries about Young Carers or would like to talk to a member of staff regarding special arrangements, please contact our Young Carer Leads at the addresses below.

Young Carer’s Senior Lead:

Rebecca Townsend, Mental Health and Safeguarding Manager-        

Young Carer’s Operational Lead:

Ruby Hastings, Medical and Mental Health Officer-