Student Leadership


Mentoring & Volunteering


Opportunities to mentor a lower school student are regularly promoted in the Sixth Form. Students can sign up to provide subject support within the classroom or perhaps help a student who does not have English as their first language.

Both students benefit from the arrangement with the Sixth Form student enhancing their communication skills, learning how to explain and consolidating their own subject knowledge. The experience will also enhance university and job applications.

Sixth Form students can mentor students in a variety of ways including;

  • Reading
  • Language assistance
  • Supporting good attitudes to learning
  • Supporting literacy
  • Supporting numeracy
  • Help creating friendships
  • Building self-esteem/confidence
  • Supporting PE with individual/small group coaching
Why Mentor?

Universities and employers want to know that the person they are interviewing has more to their character than simply sitting examinations. Mentoring shows that students are willing to put something back into their community. From supporting a student learning a new language to coaching a student basic social skills there will be an opportunity for all Sixth Form students to mentor. By definition Sixth Form students automatically become role models for the younger students within the school community, so it will be important to set this example in everything you do. 


Volunteering is an important part of being a well rounded student in the Sixth Form at BFS. Including volunteering in the routines of Sixth Form is designed to encourage students to use their skills and strengths by assisting younger students in a broad range of activities in the school environment. This can be extremely rewarding for the volunteer but also very beneficial for the students they are working with.

Students need to complete a minimum of ten hours volunteer work throughout the year. They can volunteer as a Prefect, help in lower school lessons, help at after school sports clubs, read with Year 7 pupils or take advantage of other opportunities that may become available. 

Students can also use their non contact periods as well as their Enrichment lessons on Wednesday afternoons to volunteer in the local community.