Examinations 2022

Mrs Susan King with students

Examinations 2022

Thank you to all students for working so hard to complete coursework and assessment evidence to support the awarding of Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGS). We are incredibly proud of how you have approached what has been a huge undertaking.

A document that all schools have produced, which outlines how we have approached the awarding of TAGS and the Subject Assessment Records overview can be found here.

Information regarding appealing your grades can be found here, please click here for the Appeals form - you should submit a request for a centre review by 16 August 2021 for a priority appeal, or by 3 September 2021 for non-priority appeals.

Key Dates 

  • A-level Results Day - 18 August 
  • GCSE Results Day - 25 August

Results will be available to students on the following dates. More information will follow in a letter addressed to students and parent/carers.

If you are a Year 11/Year 13 student or parent/carer and you have any questions about results this year, or the appeals process, please do not hesitate to contact us via: admin@bristolfreeschool.org.uk Mr Fernandes, Deputy Headteacher