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Exam Results 2020

A Level results are released to students on Thursday 13 August and GCSE results on Thursday 20 August.

Collecting your exam results is an important life event and as such we have decided to invite students on to the school site in small groups. A-level students will be able to collect their results between 9.00am – 11.00am on Thursday 13 August. GCSE students will be able to collect their results at allocated time slots on Thursday 20 August detailed below:

Tutor Group

Time Slot

11TG1 and 11TG2

9.00am – 9.30am

11TG3 and 11TG4

9.30am – 10.00am

11TG5 and 11TG6

10.00am – 10.30am

Students are asked to arrive at the school car park gate, nearest the Sixth Form entrance at their allocated time. They will then make their way towards the Drama Hall to collect their results following a one way system. Parents or carers will not be allowed on site and students will be reminded to socially distance in line with government advice. 

If a student is unable to collect their results in person then they can have them emailed. Please contact prior to the day, no later than Tuesday 11 August for A-level results and Tuesday 18 August for GCSE.

The subject box should read ‘GCSE Results’, followed by your name. Results will not be released over the phone and can only be handed to the student. 

Once GCSE students have collected their results they will be able to complete their Sixth Form Enrolment from 9:30am. For the majority of students this will be a very straight forward process and they will simply be asked to confirm that they wish to enroll at BFS using a card from their results envelope.

Some students, both GCSE and A-level, may wish to receive further guidance and there will be an opportunity to book an appointment with a member of senior staff to discuss their results and next steps later that afternoon. For A-level students the Sixth Form team will also be on hand to support them with university ‘clearing’ conversations and choices if necessary. For these appointments students can bring one parent or carer with them to support any decisions.


This year there is no appeal process available directly to you. The school can only appeal if there has been an error in the information submitted or there is evidence that the exam boards have not applied their standardisation process correctly. We have checked our submitted grades very carefully so the first of these grounds is very unlikely to apply. We will of course check all grades awarded so that we and you can be confident that the standardisation has been accurately applied. It is highly unlikely we would be able to appeal.


There will be an autumn series of exams for students wishing to re-sit. The entry deadlines for these are not until September so there is some time available to make decisions. If you do think that you might wish to re-sit an exam please do discuss that with us. Again, the important thing for you is progression to your stage and any resits you do will require a significant investment of time and effort which could be at the expense of your ongoing courses. If you are staying on in the sixth form and have not received a grade 4 or better in one of your English exams or in mathematics then you will need to re-sit those as a condition of continuing your studies and we will be making arrangements to support you with this with the aim of entering you with the best chance of success in summer 2021.

Centre Assessed Grades

If you would like to know the Centre Assessed Grades that we submitted (particularly if you need to discuss resits) then please email us, after results days (i.e. on or after Friday 14 August for A levels and on or after Friday 21 August for GCSEs). Please note that you would need to make this request and we will send them to your school email address if requested.

Details of the process for the submission of the Centre Assessed Grades are available here.